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[GreetingCard] Birthday, Panda, Bear

Handmade card never fail to bring a smile to the recipient. It might be cheapo, made by drawing paper and different colour ink but the thought of he/she smiling when opening this card is priceless.

This is my first attempt at making a Birthday Card for a friend of mine.


My First Card(Front).


My First Card(Inside).

I got to admit, it does look cheapo and not professional enough but this is definitely not a last minute work. I am not an art student nor am i the creative type but i am quite interested to handmade more cards after this.

However, i am really bad at this. Don’t believe, Look below for the actual sketch.



Now you believe me? Hehee…

Views from my Window

Sometime when you get frustrated and stressed out by problems, why not take a break by looking out your windows. You might be surprised by what you going to see. At least that’s true for me on that particular day. Enjoy…


“Double Rainbow” from afar.


Is there really a pot of Gold at the Rainbow End?


“Double Rainbow” in the Sky.


It is that high up into sky that i can’t see where it lead to…


Blocks of HDB seem so small when compared to the rainbow.


When you expect everything to end, isn’t it nice to have a sky full of pink clouds?

WordPress Upload Problem – Solved

My image upload problem have been solved. I was playing around yesterday and managed to get it to work. It’s just the wrong permission setting for the uploads folder. Call me ignorant or stupid as one might like to call but it is OK for me. Being a newbie to WordPress right now, i hoped to design and code my own theme or maybe write a plugin in the near future.

That is a long term goal. As you can see right now, they are still a lot of problems with the visual display and some other functions which i am trying to solve. Although that the design might not be 100% functioning well right now, i still believe that the content is more important.


Give me more time, i CAN do it!

6 Years ago Today

I got back my pink I/C.

I never felt so nice feeling my pink identify card. It’s not really about the colour of the identify card but rather the obligation behind it.  No more greeting someone i don’t respect “SIR” or “ENCIK” or whoever rank is higher than mine. Ya, i am a lowly rank(CPL) soldier at the end of my 2 1/2 years national service but I just can’t stand greeting people when they can’t earn my respect.

Within the 2 1/2 years of service, i encountered all sort of people which i never thought exist in this world but apparently, they do. National Service strengthen my existing character traits and help me achieve my personal best fitness level then.I am glad to know some friends whom i can trust and suffer together. Relationship really can strengthen and deepen if you not only enjoy together but also to suffer together. “One for all, All for one.”

Normally, i never place this date to be of any importance but it just feel so nice seeing this date. “1312”. Anyone want to share share 4D? Hehee… So what the point of this post? I think that national service is still important and a must for all Singaporeans citizen. If really got time machine where i can reverse back time, i might want to give OCS a try or maybe remain as it is. Anyway, i would never never trade my pink I/C for a regular armed force lifestyle. That’s for sure. No doubt about that!

Kudos to all those that got back their Pink I/C on this particular “1312” date.

WordPress Upload Problem


The uploaded file could not be moved to /home/littleno/domains/

I been encountering the above problem when trying to upload images to wordpress and it can get pretty fustrating. I tried to re-install wordpress all the way from scratch, disabling all plugins. I did try to seek help from forum but the people there don’t seem to be interested in my thread. Hehee…

Give me sometime, i believe that i will get it working…