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Back to Reality


Today is day 5 since back from Taiwan but i am still in vacation mood. HELP!!!

I can’t seem to be able to concentrate much on my work. I missed the nice weather over in Taiwan. Singapore is so hot during the day that i feel so tired after lunch everyday. Time passed so quickly, it is already mid-February and not too far, March will come. Right now, my room is in a mess with everything out from my bag. I realize that my room is the cleanest when i am out at home.

Lot of emails to reply, bills to pay, outstanding issue and most importantly achieving my goals for this year. I must buck up!

Really wishes that i can have longer hours per day instead of 24/7. Of course i know that it isn’t possible but can one live and function well without sleep?  During all my trips, i don’t feel a bit tired travelling from places to places but once i start to idle, my brain will tell me to get some rest.

Tonight going to attend a ex-colleague ROM dinner buffet which mean no time to clear my room mess. Ah… going travel all the way to Chevrons.

Taiwan Photo will come once i clear my room mess.