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Life is Fragile

Life is Fragile and it can happen to anyone anytime regardless whom you are or what you have and experiencing at that moment. I attended a funeral wake yesterday. It wasn’t my first but sadly more to come as i aged with time. Everyone life seem to be like an unfinished book with many chapters in life and many short story for people to read. The guy that passed away was no exception. I don’t know him well as he was just someone whom i seldom interact with yet i see him everyday at work for the past 2 month. He suffered a stroke and passed away a week later.

According to his family, friends and colleagues, i can sense that he was a good man, taking responsibility of his family and work. He was a workholic, coming into office before everyone does and leaving late. He spend most of his time at work leaving little time for his family. His family doesn’t feel that he had already left them as they seldom get the chance to spend time with him.

What are our worth when we leave this world? To be missed by family members, relatives, friends and colleagues? In this modern society, there isn’t much compassion in term of company view. The world is round and it will continue to rotate regardless what. Within 2 days, a replacement was called in and everything seem to function as normal. People are talking but nothing indifferent at work. I do find this very saddening. Indeed, you will be missed but as time passed, less and lesser people will remember you. In the end, only your dearest family member will still remember as you are family.

Then people suggested that we should live our life to the fullest.


Just Do it! Nike

How can other people define what we want in life? It is still up to ourself to take responsibility and taking action. Life is full of surprises and your fate seem to be changing every second depending on your belief. The LIFE equation is so hard to decipher. I just hoped that i decipher the equation truthfully to what my heart wanted.

I need time to myself to think what type of life i wanted now, 5, 10, 20, 40 years later or till my unfinished book stop!

Travel Perspective of Individual

Today my Swedish manager and his counterparts was chatting about their weekend getaway to Taiwan, Taipei. It was kinda of strange to hear what they likes and dislikes about this getaway, some of which i agreed while some i don’t. They loved Taiwanese people friendliness yet hated stinky tofu and hot spring. One of them even told me that he preferred to soak in cold water rather than in a hot spring.

Whenever i reached a new destination, i like to experience things local eat and do. That’s me. I got to agree that i don’t like urban area(city) coz i am already living within one. I loved mother nature. It make me feel so small and insignificant. Time seems to stay put at that particular moment, just me and the nice scenic view which i can’t seem to capture using my camera. Just thinking of it right now, it’s making me want to experience that feeling once again.

Enough talking. Let the picture do the talking. 🙂