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4 Months to a 4-Hour Marathon

I was returning my library book yesterday where i chance upon this book.

David Kuehls - 4 Months To A 4-Hour Marathon

The title is so catchy that i can’t resist to borrow it for a read.

As you know that one of my goal for this year is to complete a full marathon but…

i have yet to start on any real training and i left about 138 days(~4 months) to Singapore Marathon.

Maybe that the reason i borrowed this book. Hehee…

The author David Kuehls started by telling his father’s story and keep stressing that

Marathon in 4 hours is a doable goal.

Personally after reading 4 chapters, i feel that it is more of a motivation book that make things sound so easy. Oprah Winfrey was mentioned in the book stating that she ran her first marathon in 4 hours. However, i did a bit of google on the net and found that some information seems to be omitted out. Anyway this book required the person to have a base level of fitness before they start on this program.

I see myself as an average fitness guy and i don’t see myself fulfilling this 4-hours mark yet. However i will make sure that i pass the finish mark.

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First Milestone of 1000


It’s nothing spectacular compared to those popular blog with thousands of visitor just in one day. It’s took me almost 10 month time to reach this 1000 but at least i achieved my first milestone. Hoped that the second milestone of 2000 would take me shorter than 10 month.

Farewell for now…

You have left us for heaven. You left us quietly on 01st July 2009, lying motionless at your favourite corner.You seem to know that your time had come as you preferred to ponder by yourself at your corner instead of playing with your partner.


Farewell for now…