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National Day Parade 2009 Funpack

I always envy people that get ticket for National Day Parade. They are so lucky to view the actual parade in person and getting the NDP Funpack. Attending yesterday preview session, i never thought that i will be entitled to NDP Funpack too but i did. I love it but i got a light green funpack rather than the orange.


There is an article mentioning about the Funpack. Designed to appeal to all ages and genders, this year’s NDP bag can be carried in two ways, either as a messenger bag or as a tote by removing the flap and using the two straps within. Available in eight vibrant colours, the bags come with interchangeable covers that can be mixed and matched to create 64 colour combinations.

What’s in the bag:


Bread, Biscuits, Sweets, Mineral Water/ Newater, Asian Drink, Isotonic Drink, Dry paper Napkin, Wet Paper Napkin, Poncho, Litter Disposal Bags


Heart-shaped Lantern with Batteries, Hand-shaped Drum, Face Tattoo, Miniature Singapore Flag with Post


Programme Booket, Magazine, Discount Coupons Booklet, NDP DVD, ZoCard, ComChest Donation Leaflet

Although that some item are missing but i still love the funpack. Ending this post with photo of my my funpack. 🙂


National Day Parade Surprises…


Talking about National Day Parade, I still remember how every weekend was burnt by just practicing for the parade month ahead of the actual event. I was just a Red Cross Youth participating in the Red Cross marching contingent then. Although that it was tiring but it was fun as everyone suffered together. We get to have McDonald McChicken Burger or KFC Zinger Burger for dinner. Dinner was the best as fast food wasn’t that affordable for me when i was schooling.

Anyway, today after a 9km jog in the morning, i received a call from my friend. He got an extra ticket for today National Day Parade(Preview) and asked me to tag along. I never had been lucky with draws thus i never get any NDP ticket year after year. I am so happy that i get this chance to view National Day Parade again but in the audience seat. 🙂