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Marriage Expectation

It seem that marriage really test the limit of each other. I feel frustrated and angry over things which i have no control over. I am a strong believer that a person character is hard to change unless they had a near death experience. Even so, it might not be for the better.

Every conversation end up with sarcastic statement which isn’t helpful to the current situation. The situation agitate more with a growing toddler. Every small issue is a time bomb.

I feel struck and don’t seem to have efficient solution to tackle this issue. 🙁

Is giving up always the easy way out?

30th Birthday

Today mark the day when i turn 30 officially. Yeah, the big 3.

Big 3 is not scary but tend to wonder what i did for the past 30 years of my life.

Maybe i shouldn’t think too much about the past.

It can be quite depressing. 🙁

I should embrace my new Big 3 journey and what i hoped to achieve before i reach Big 4. 🙂

Happy Big 30 Birthday to myself. 🙂

I am Back

I’m back… 🙂


State of low mood and aversion to activity.

That’s what i have been feeling like for the past few months.

My First Attempt – Pineapple Rolls Making

My first attempt at making Chinese New Year Cookie – Pineapple Rolls.

Making the dough for the outer crust

Divided the dough into smaller portion for even weight distribution

Pineapple Filling nicely wrapped around by the dough

Giving it a nicer outlook makeup and a coat of egg paint

Ready for baking!

End Product – Yummy Pineapple Rolls

I always thought that it was easy making all these cookies but i was so wrong. Although it is so tiring and time-consuming making it, it taste so much nicer. 🙂

29th Birthday


Yeah, my 29th Birthday yesterday.

Had an advanced small cake, some call/sms/email/facebook birthday greetings.

It was simple but that’s me.

Can you imagine me staying at home watching DVD Drama the whole day?

i am become more 宅!

Time really flies when you passed 21th mark…

Time to get myself out after 2 month of hibernation.

Blood Donation No. 18

I went to donate blood today. It was my No. 18 time. I can’t remember how many times i donated till the doctor reminded me. Number is not important as i am happy that my blood can save others people life. 🙂

I still remember my first blood donation experience in 8th April 2005. Yah, i started donating blood when i am 25 years old. Enough of waiting for friends commitment and i just went ahead to do it.

I still remember how i wrote an entry back then. It actually quite interesting to read back how i felt then. Bad English and the “First Timer” experience.

So what are you waiting for… Just Do It!!!



The procedure actually quite simple and the staff there are very friendly. I went straight to the counter for registration and proceed to fill in the questionnaire.  Since it was my first time, i was given a sticker to indicate to the staffs that i am a first timer. 🙂

BloodDonation_HSA_ThisIsMyFirstDonation_BeNiceToMeFirst Timer Sticker

Within 5 minute, i was called up by the doctor to do a weight and blood pressure test. Boy… It was fast and before i knew it, i was at the next station where one of the nurse prick my middle finger to draw some blood and dripping it into a container filled with blue liquid.

I was directed to the donating room where i sit comfortably on the chair. The nurse was chatting with me while she tried to search for my vein.

She started applying a yellow liquid at the vein area after which she injected a shot of anesthesia. The nurse kept chatting with me during the whole process. Next came the needle but no feeling at all since already numb. Her movement was fast and swift. She told me to squeeze the rubber ball every 10 seconds. I seem to take longer than the rest of the people but they assured me that it perfectly normal for a first timer.

The machine keep beeping after the first 4 minute. She told me that my flow rate a bit slow. She keep stroking my vein to regulate the flow. During the whole process, i was given this refreshment card which can redeem some snack outside the cafe later.

The whole process was completed in 10 minutes time. After removal of the needle, she ask me to apply direct pressure while continue to rest for another 10 minutes. Last but not least, she bandage my hand with a happy face bandage. It was really cute and it come in different colour, Blue, Yellow, Green. I got the blue one. 🙂

BloodDonation_HSA_HappyFaceBandageBlue Happy Face Bandage

National Day Parade Surprises…


Talking about National Day Parade, I still remember how every weekend was burnt by just practicing for the parade month ahead of the actual event. I was just a Red Cross Youth participating in the Red Cross marching contingent then. Although that it was tiring but it was fun as everyone suffered together. We get to have McDonald McChicken Burger or KFC Zinger Burger for dinner. Dinner was the best as fast food wasn’t that affordable for me when i was schooling.

Anyway, today after a 9km jog in the morning, i received a call from my friend. He got an extra ticket for today National Day Parade(Preview) and asked me to tag along. I never had been lucky with draws thus i never get any NDP ticket year after year. I am so happy that i get this chance to view National Day Parade again but in the audience seat. 🙂

4 Months to a 4-Hour Marathon

I was returning my library book yesterday where i chance upon this book.

David Kuehls - 4 Months To A 4-Hour Marathon

The title is so catchy that i can’t resist to borrow it for a read.

As you know that one of my goal for this year is to complete a full marathon but…

i have yet to start on any real training and i left about 138 days(~4 months) to Singapore Marathon.

Maybe that the reason i borrowed this book. Hehee…

The author David Kuehls started by telling his father’s story and keep stressing that

Marathon in 4 hours is a doable goal.

Personally after reading 4 chapters, i feel that it is more of a motivation book that make things sound so easy. Oprah Winfrey was mentioned in the book stating that she ran her first marathon in 4 hours. However, i did a bit of google on the net and found that some information seems to be omitted out. Anyway this book required the person to have a base level of fitness before they start on this program.

I see myself as an average fitness guy and i don’t see myself fulfilling this 4-hours mark yet. However i will make sure that i pass the finish mark.

Farewell for now…

You have left us for heaven. You left us quietly on 01st July 2009, lying motionless at your favourite corner.You seem to know that your time had come as you preferred to ponder by yourself at your corner instead of playing with your partner.


Farewell for now…