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4 Months to a 4-Hour Marathon

I was returning my library book yesterday where i chance upon this book.

David Kuehls - 4 Months To A 4-Hour Marathon

The title is so catchy that i can’t resist to borrow it for a read.

As you know that one of my goal for this year is to complete a full marathon but…

i have yet to start on any real training and i left about 138 days(~4 months) to Singapore Marathon.

Maybe that the reason i borrowed this book. Hehee…

The author David Kuehls started by telling his father’s story and keep stressing that

Marathon in 4 hours is a doable goal.

Personally after reading 4 chapters, i feel that it is more of a motivation book that make things sound so easy. Oprah Winfrey was mentioned in the book stating that she ran her first marathon in 4 hours. However, i did a bit of google on the net and found that some information seems to be omitted out. Anyway this book required the person to have a base level of fitness before they start on this program.

I see myself as an average fitness guy and i don’t see myself fulfilling this 4-hours mark yet. However i will make sure that i pass the finish mark.

You’ve changed, You look fat…

That the comment i get when i chanced upon all my ex-colleagues. I know that i have gained quite some weight ever since 2005. I still remember how i maintained my fitness level after coming out of NS by going for regular jogging session everyday.I was so full of determination and motivation just to maintain my fitness level. Gone were the days where i was determine to go for a jog even i only have an hour to spare. I don’t want to go back to square one.

I have been too focus pursuing a career in my past job. I thought that it was a nice job but with high expectation, i got nothing but disappointment in the end. Since it’s already in the past, i  I don’t want to talk about it right now. Anyway, i don’t want to  give myself any reason for the increase in weight.

I understand that body is mine and i need to do something about it.  No ideal target weight but rather just wanting to focus on regular jogging routine everyday.

PS: One of my New Year resolution 2009 is to complete a marathon.