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Marriage Expectation

It seem that marriage really test the limit of each other. I feel frustrated and angry over things which i have no control over. I am a strong believer that a person character is hard to change unless they had a near death experience. Even so, it might not be for the better.

Every conversation end up with sarcastic statement which isn’t helpful to the current situation. The situation agitate more with a growing toddler. Every small issue is a time bomb.

I feel struck and don’t seem to have efficient solution to tackle this issue. 🙁

Is giving up always the easy way out?

Update after hiatus

Key update:

– Married

– Have a lovely daughter

– Quit my job and currently on garden leave

Regardless how long I been pondering, I never seem to find answer to questions and doubt to life. Maybe we can never have the answer to the questions that matter to us.

Future look more uncertain without a job.

35th Birthday