Believe, Embrace, Empower

My first attempt at making Chinese New Year Cookie – Pineapple Rolls.

Making the dough for the outer crust

Divided the dough into smaller portion for even weight distribution

Pineapple Filling nicely wrapped around by the dough

Giving it a nicer outlook makeup and a coat of egg paint

Ready for baking!

End Product – Yummy Pineapple Rolls

I always thought that it was easy making all these cookies but i was so wrong. Although it is so tiring and time-consuming making it, it taste so much nicer. 🙂


Happy New Year 2010 to everyone.

A New Year, New Start, New Beginning!


Can you imagine me waking up on the first day of New Year feeling sick? My whole body is feeling weak and fatigue. I have hope to start on my New Year Resolution 2009 but all i can do is to lie down in bed.


Just can’t wait for the day to end so that i can go back home to my bed. Ah… 1730hrs. TIme seems to pass so slowly today. Praying hard that someone will send me back home or there is available seat in the bus for me.